Maud holds a bachelor’s degree in Business and is interested in people and their connections. As a young professional, she is passionate learning about the purpose of a business and understanding the relations and possibilities.

Maud loves to work independently, this way she can contribute in a targeted way. She is enthusiastic, ambitious, creative, flexible, open minded, self-motivated and analytical. She takes care of the people around her and listens to them without judgement.

Maud is interested in technology and social media. She is tech-savy and quickly understands how to apply media and technology effectively. Being up to date with the latest technology trends, she also values time to unplug herself to spend quality time offline. Maud believes in a balance between being plugged in and unplugged, being interactive through technology and media, and being at rest or connecting with people in real life. This enables her to give her best at work and in her social life, while at the same time remaining clear minded facing the next challenge.

Maud enjoys horse riding in her free time. It keeps her fit and healthy. She loves to be outdoors and makes sure she has enough time there. When she jumps with her horse in a competition, she is gaining experience on how to act under pressure, keeping her focus and attention.

Maud works in Dutch, English and understands German.