“Manon’s goal is to get the best out of individuals and teams
in order to create breakthrough in business performance”

Manon de Wit is an international expert in leading high impact change, coaching and communication, focused on increasing (collective) leadership and business performance of individuals, teams and organisations.

She has a passion for enabling leaders to develop their unique and most impactful leadership style. She is particularly skilled at coaching and facilitating diverse groups as well as individuals. She coaches C-level executives and senior leaders with major global companies. Her goal is to get the best out of individuals and teams in order to create breakthrough in business performance. Her deep belief is that courageous conversations, feedback and co-creation will lead to the best result. Dialogic skills are crucial in this process and this has her special attention.

Manon believes that there is significant untapped potential in each individual and in each team. She starts by taking a deep dive into patterns of behaviour. Her coaching is to the point, insightful, inspiring and energizing, based on the systemic human needs: bonding, order and balance. Manon’s coaching is all about accelerating and deepening personal growth, mostly beyond what people have imagined themselves. The outcome is an enriched set of functional patterns of behaviour, while Manon also helps individuals and teams to get rid of their dysfunctional patterns and increasing personal resilience. In order to get there, she creates awareness of defense mechanisms and personal masks.

With her down to earth pragmatism and her character to see the sunny side of things, people experience Manon as a warm, efficient and skilful coach, who enables one to get out of their comfort zone in a safe way.  She opens up people who never opened up before and creates personal and professional breakthroughs.

Previously Manon was a partner at a global leadership firm. She is an expert in team dynamics, organisation’s system theory and experience based learning.

Manon works in Dutch and English and understands German.