“Leanne likes momentum, being decisive and driving
effectiveness and efficiency wherever possible”

Leanne is interested in people. As a young professional, she is passionate about understanding behaviour and motives, with a particular focus on norms and values in action with individuals and in groups. Leanne’s purpose is to contribute to humanity in a clearly targeted way, mainly through listening deeply to people and supporting them in a meaningful way.

Leanne holds a BA in English language and Spanish from the VU University Amsterdam, where she filled her free space with psychology classes. Building on her natural curiosity about different nationalities and cultures as well as her enthusiasm about images, she continued to study Film and Photography in London and working as a photographer. During this time she discovered her special professional interest for the significant subconscious impact of context on creating individual and collective meaning.

She likes momentum, being decisive and driving effectiveness and efficiency wherever possible. Independence, responsibility, freedom and adventurous exploration are important values to Leanne. She enjoys broadening her worldview by traveling and through discussing (inter)national controversies, uncovering underlying contextual layers.

Being a quick learner, over the last few years Leanne has been given the privilege of expanding her knowledge on the job and she will continue to do so as Project Manager. She has a particular interest in team dynamics analysis. In her role she also coordinates the logistics and design of 2-5 day journeys for our clients as well as other events.

Leanne works in Dutch and English.